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Just Bieber and Invisalign


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Being an invisible form of teeth straightening, it is no surprise that Invisalign has built up a following. Discreet, comfortable aligners that are able to do away with bulky, metal braces and give results that are of clear improvement.

What more can you ask for?

Well, it is not merely us common folk who have realised the brilliance of Invisalign. Step forward the celebrities who are in the spotlight more often than not but who are able to keep their treatment hidden thanks to the discreet nature of Invisalign.

Tom Cruise is rumoured to have been there and done that, not forgetting US chat show star Oprah Winfrey. But no endorsement of Invisalign comes bigger than Justin Bieber.

The American teen sensation who has taken the world by storm, and stolen the hearts of countless young girls in the process, was spotted on YouTube taking out his invisible braces. (see video for proof!)

Who knew?

So discreet are Invisalign braces – in Justin’s case Invisalign Teen – that who can really say they had any idea until this video came to light? You need to get up really and close and personal to notice the aligners – and what young girl wouldn’t want to!

Justin Bieber even wore his Invisalign aligners to the Brit Awards in February. It just goes to show you that Justin must realise how important it is to wear the aligners for the recommended time if you want to get the best results!

Shout out to Bieber for showing that none of us are perfect…

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Just Bieber and Invisalign

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Just Bieber and Invisalign
Just Bieber and Invisalign
Just Bieber and Invisalign
Just Bieber and Invisalign
Just Bieber and Invisalign