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Invisalign invisible braces are fast becoming the orthodontic treatment of choice, as people look for a discreet device to give them straight, beautiful teeth. The beauty of Invisalign aligners is the fact that other people cannot tell that you’re wearing braces and this is a great comfort to people who are worried about the way they will look when they start wearing braces.

Another massive advantage of the aligner system is the fact that the aligners are removable; this means you have more flexibility and can go about your daily life in exactly the same way as you did before you had the braces made.

What shouldn’t you do with the aligners?

Wearing your Invisalign aligners should not have any significant impact on your daily life but experts advise patients to take the aligners out to do certain activities, such as cleaning their teeth, flossing, smoking, chewing gum and eating.

Taking the aligners out while you brush your teeth allows you to clean all areas of your mouth thoroughly and this helps to ensure that plaque and bacteria are removed from the mouth. You can clean your teeth in exactly the same way as you did before you started your course of treatment and you can also floss properly.

If you smoke, dentists will advise you to take the aligners out when you want to have a cigarette, as the smoke can stain the aligners, making them look dirty and more visible to other people.

You will also be advised to avoid chewing gum while you wear your aligners because the gum tends to stick to the braces; this can increase the risk of dental health problems, as plaque will start to collect on the aligner.

You will also be advised to take your aligners out when you eat; this enables you to eat what you want and prevents damage to the aligners. Other braces limit the foods you can eat and dentists advise people with fixed braces to avoid very hard and sticky foods; with Invisalign you don’t have to change your diet at all.

What can you do with the aligners?

Wearing aligners should not have any impact on your daily life and you can carry on as normal; you will be able to speak normally after the initial adjustment period, so there is no need to worry about your speech changing. You should really only take the aligners out while you eat and clean your teeth but you can also take them out if you have an important event, such as a wedding or a big party and you are worried about how your smile will look with the braces on. It’s important to try and wear your braces for as long as possible everyday or the treatment will not be as effective as it could be. 

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