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Introducing Makkar Mouth Guards For Our Sporty Patients In London


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Are you a professional sports player, a keen amateur or a budding superstar? If you are any of the above, you may wish to consider investing in a Makkar mouth guard. Makkar mouth guards are proven to enhance your sporting performance, as well as offering amazing levels of protection for your teeth.

What is a Makkar mouth guard?

Makkar Pure Power mouth guards are the latest in sports innovation; they are designed to improve your performance on the field by ensuring that your jaw joint is in the optimum position every time you play. Your mouth guard will be custom-made according to specific information and measurements of your jaw, to ensure a perfect fit.

The Pure Power mouth guard enhances performance by relaxing the position of the jaw and ensuring that the joint is in the best possible position, which reduces pressure on the facial muscles and improves muscle contraction.

By adapting the position of the jaw, the Pure Power mouth guard reduces the risk of TMJ disorder (temporomandibular joint disorder), which contributes to headaches, jaw pain, restricted jaw movement and tightness in the muscles around the jaw, leaving you free to focus on your performance.

The Pure Power mouth guard also offers unrivalled standards of protection. Sports injuries are one of the most common causes of dental injuries and it is important to wear a protective mouth guard to prevent injuries, such as fractures, chipped teeth and dislodged teeth.

Who can benefit from the Pure Power mouth guard?

The Pure Power mouth guard is beneficial for anyone who plays sport, but it has particularly important benefits for professional sports players who are on the course, court or pitch every day. Not only does the mouth guard protect from dental and facial injuries, it also helps to improve your focus and performance. Mouth guards are particularly important for people who play contact sports and sports that involve heavy objects and contact with hard surfaces, including hockey, football, boxing, martial arts, rugby and lacrosse.



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