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About Harley Street
Dental Studio

Harley Street Dental Studio was established by Dr Mark Hughes in 2004, whose philosophy for complete dental care was to create a centre for excellence, where only the very highest standards in modern dentistry are provided for our patients, to provide the most advanced treatments, the most beautiful and natural smiles and to have the most highly trained and caring team of people. Adam Thorne became a joint owner in January 2008 and we began expanding our group of practices.

Our aim has always been to ensure that each patient experiences the ultimate in individual, personalised cosmetic, general and specialist dental treatment, in a comfortable, warm and friendly environment. To build caring relationships and trust with our clients that lasts a lifetime. To maintain and deliver the very highest standards of customer care and service, to have time for continuing professional development for the whole team and also to have a wonderful working environment for the whole team.

How We Focus On You
Our Promises To Our Guests And Clients

We are not just 'good' and 'satisfactory' but exceptional. In how we perform clinically, how we behave with our colleagues, how we treat our clients, in our appearance, our manner and all with humility and a desire to do our very best.

We wish to stand out from the crowd. To be recognised as the leading team of dental clinicians and practices in the country.

We produce only the very best dentistry of exquisite quality and detail.

At Harley Street

  • We will offer you a complete range of options for your treatment
  • We shall put you in charge of the decisions for your care
  • We will offer you a range of flexible payment options
  • We offer every dental service 'in-house'
  • We have 'same day' emergency appointments
  • We have flexible hours. We open on the weekends
  • We have 24 hour emergency cover
  • We offer a membership scheme with exceptional benefits for our client members
  • We rarely run late and do our utmost to never do so
  • We are known for going the extra mile
  • We are always immaculately presented
  • We have impeccable manners and courtesy to our clients
  • We do our very best for guests, our patients
  • We have superb customer service
  • We do not do average... We strive to be truly excellent in every way