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Dr Natasha Panesar

General & Cosmetic Dentist
BDS Birm 2007 (GDC 113674)

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Dr Natasha Panesar

Dr Natasha Panesar gained her dental degree in 2007 from University of Birmingham. Over the last decade Natasha has been mastering the art of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, using her calm nature to provide patients with long-lasting beautiful smiles.

Natasha has completed numerous postgraduate courses in this field, with certification from Advanced dental seminars for one year cosmetic and restorative dentistry course and complex case management. This is used to provide patients with up-to-date minimally invasive dentistry, which allows the preservation of as much natural teeth as possible. This is carried out by a range of techniques, such as, teeth straightening, e.g. Invisalign, same day smile composite bonding and ultra-thin porcelain veneers. In 2013 Natasha studied Implant dentistry at the renowned Eastman Dental School, and continues to develop further in this area to provide patients with ideal options for missing teeth as part of their comprehensive treatment.

Natasha has a special interest in paediatric dentistry and is passionate about encouraging life-long oral health from a young age. With a relaxed and approachable manner, she is excellent at creating a welcoming atmosphere for children to start their dental journey.

In addition to smile design, Natasha uses her background in maxillofacial surgery and facial aesthetic study to provide non-surgical treatments to enhance the face, such as toxin and dermal fillers.

Natasha’s philosophy is to spend time with patients, explaining and showing outcomes, to create bespoke treatment plans tailored specially to each individual patient’s needs.

Natasha attributes her ability to create ideal smiles and knowledge of attractive facial proportions, to her analytical artistic eye, which she continues to refine with her study of Fine Art at St Martins college of art.