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Invisalign® Lite Braces
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Invisalign® Lite is a new way of experiencing Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® Lite is considered an express version of the original product, whilst using the same innovative system. Invisalign® Lite is designed to address minor issues with the smile in a much faster treatment time, whilst still providing all the aesthetic and efficient benefits of the original Invisalign® treatment.

The Benefits of Invisalign® Lite

  • Undetectable
    • Just like the original Invisalign® system, Invisalign® Lite uses clear plastic aligners to help move your teeth into the desired position. This means that they are virtually invisible and, even upon close inspection, hard to detect.
  • Faster
    • Invisalign® Lite treatment takes even less time than original Invisalign®. This is because Invisalign® Lite treats very minor issues with misaligned teeth, requiring only between ten and fifteen aligners for the entire procedure.
  • Comfortable
    • Just like Invisalign®, the aligners used for Invisalign® Lite are made from clear, smooth plastics. This allows for movement to be achieved with the highest level of comfort.

Invisalign® Lite FAQs

So, what is Invisalign® Lite?

Invisalign® Lite is an express version of the original Invisalign® system. It provides all the same benefits as Invisalign®, whilst providing solutions for minor dental problems. Invisalign® Lite treatment is very quick, requiring as little as ten aligners for complete treatment.

Is Invisalign® Lite for everybody?

Not ideally. Invisalign® Lite is designed for patients with very minor problems and those who require small movement of their teeth. It can be worn by people of all ages, but only addresses minor issues concerning crowding, spacing and those with misaligned teeth.

How much does Invisalign® Lite cost?

Harley Street Dental Studio offers Invisalign® Lite based on the findings of the initial consultation and the length of treatment. The full cost of your treatment can be discussed with a member or the Harley Street Dental Team.

Where can I start treatment using Invisalign® Lite?

Firstly, contact Harley Street Dental Studio for a consultation to discuss your Invisalign® Lite options. From there we will be able to determine the results you are looking for and a complete treatment plan. We will take impressions and special photographs of your teeth to craft your customised aligners.

Why should I choose Harley Street Dental Studio?

Our team is fully professional and committed to providing the highest quality treatment. Our Invisalign® Lite treatment comes at very competitive prices with a range of complimentary features, including full aftercare.

How long does treatment using Invisalign® Lite take?

Invisalign® Lite only uses around ten to fourteen aligners, thus making treatment time a lot quicker. Results can be seen quickly and full treatment time is usually between five and six months, compared to the treatment times of between twelve and eighteen months of original Invisalign®.

Are the aligners completely invisible?

The aligners are made from a clear plastic, so they very close to being invisible. Even upon close inspection most people won't be able to tell that you are wearing braces or aligners.

Can I eat and drink when wearing the aligners?

The Invisalign® Lite aligners will need to be removed when eating and drinking. This is so that you can enjoy anything you want and so that you avoid any problems with gum disease or decay.

Does Invisalign® Lite hurt?

At first there might be some slight discomfort as you get used to them; however, the aligners are made from smooth plastics so they will not be irritable. The aligners will cause slight pressure on your teeth, but that just means that they are working.

Can I still clean my teeth as normal with Invisalign® Lite?

Yes, because the Invisalign® Lite aligners are removable. You can still achieve great oral hygiene when using Invisalign® Lite.

Stages of Treatment with the Invisalign® Lite

  • Stage One
    • You will have a consultation when you first visit Harley Street Dental Studio to discuss whether Invisalign® Lite is suitable for your teeth.
  • Stage Two
    • Impression moulds of your teeth will be taken, along with special photographs, which will then be transformed into a personalised three-dimensional image. This image is then used to plan and plot the potential movement of your teeth during treatment from start to finish.
  • Stage Three
    • Using the three-dimensional images and our discussed treatment plan, your custom made aligners will be created. Invisalign® Lite usually only requires between ten and fourteen aligners for treatment to be successful.
  • Stage Four
    • Once you have the aligners, and have begun treatment, the aligners will need to be worn for about twenty-two hours a day, except when eating, drinking and brushing.