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Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry at Harley Street Dental Studio
Transforming Dentistry, Transforming Smiles in London

One of the things we are most proud of at Harley Street Dental Studio is our commitment to using the most advanced dental technology to make your treatment faster, more comfortable and better.

In recent years there have been some rapid advancement in dental technology, with some of the biggest problems and fears for patients and dentists alike being solved through the use of advanced technology. This allows us to fix broken, missing or misaligned teeth with even greater precision and comfort than ever before.

Why Do We Go Digital?

The short answer is that digital dentistry simply makes for better dental treatment. There are many reasons why digital dentistry improves your treatment at Harley Street Dental Clinic:

  • Faster – Not only are digital scans quicker, but instead of having send away dental impressions to a laboratory to create your restoration, your dentist can create a new restoration in the clinic in a single visit.
  • More Accurate – Using advanced laser impression technology, dental reconstructions can be created quicker and be more precise than ever before. This allows for the creation of treatment plans before your very eyes.
  • Better Quality – Digital restorations use advanced materials free of metals, that along with the precision of digital scanning and natural looking design.
  • More Comfortable – No more impression trays, no more gooey putty, the digital scanning techniques allow for more accurate impressions to be made without making you feel uncomfortable. You can breathe and swallow normally, and even pause the process if you need to sneeze.
  • Better Aesthetics – Digital teeth design allows for precise, teeth coloured restorations and more personalised treatment paths which allow for a natural looking, beautiful smile.

iTero® – 3D Visualisation for Teeth Straightening

iTero® Element™ is an advanced imaging system to allow for precise 3D impressions to be made without the need to bite into gooey material. This system is more reliable, faster and quickly creates a three-dimensional image that can be used by your dentist to begin planning your treatment, be it for tooth wear, changes to the gums, or tooth movement.

iTero® is the only 3D visualisation system which is also dedicated to visualise how your teeth could look after Invisalign clear brace treatment. The built in Invisalign Outcome Simulator allows your dentist to begin planning your teeth straightening treatment, and can show you at a glance the potential treatment path side by side with your current teeth before your customised clear aligners are made.

iTero’s TimeLapse technology allows you to see at a glance a 3D model of your teeth, their condition, and potential outcomes of treatment, even between different Invisalign review meetings.

iTero® Element allows Dr Adam Thorne and the dental experts at Harley Street Dental Studio to provide the most precise teeth straightening treatment possible. Seeing is believing.

CEREC® – Precise Chairside Restorations While You Wait

CEREC, short for Chairside Economical Restoration for Esthetic Ceramics, is a machine dedicated to making precise ceramic crowns, onlays, inlays and bridges in just a couple of hours. The restorations are natural looking and match the colour of your teeth.

Here is how the process works:

First the tooth being fixed is prepared to be replaced, as it would with any other crown. This can involve removing any crack lines, tooth decay or old fillings. Then the dentist takes a digital impression of your tooth. This takes less than five minutes and you can breathe and swallow normally during the process. Once that is done, CEREC’s dedicated software turns that impression into a three-dimensional virtual model, which is used to make a customized restoration design more accurately than traditional crown construction.

The crown design is completed in minutes, and is sent off to a CEREC automatic milling machine, which creates an accurate, natural looking tooth restoration that can be fitted that same day.

Digital dentistry has been used by Harley Street Dental Studio and its dental experts to transform many smiles and make dream smiles reality. If you want to learn more, call us at 020 7636 5981 and arrange a consultation today.