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Dental Implants

Dental implants provided at our Central London practice can offer a permanent alternative to some of the difficulties of dentures. Dentures, especially on the lower jaw, are prone to slipping and sliding, which can make chewing and speaking a difficult and potentially embarrassing chore. Because they utilise titanium anchors that are fused with the jawbone (replicating the natural root structure of a tooth), dental implants are more secure and often more comfortable than removable dentures while looking and feeling like real teeth.

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Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed in our Central London Studio by surgically implanting titanium anchors into the jawbone. These anchors function like natural tooth roots. After sufficient time has passed to allow the anchors to bond and fuse with the surrounding bone and gum tissue, studs are secured to the anchors. Natural-looking crowns can then be attached to the studs.

In many cases, patients desiring dental implants must first visit an oral surgeon to have the titanium anchors inserted. At Harley Street Dental Studio in London, we have our own team of surgery and implant placement professionals. From start to finish, we can provide the full range of treatment for your new dental implants in our Central London, UK Studio.

Case Studies

Below you can see just come of the successful dental implant cases that have been completed at Harley Street Dental Studio


Benefits of Dental Implants

For many people, dental implants can last a lifetime, providing welcome relief from the noticeable signs of aging that premature tooth loss can hasten. They will blend naturally with your remaining teeth, without damaging them. In fact, dental implants can preserve the adjacent bone and gum tissue that is often worn down with conventional dentures and bridgework. Dental implants can provide our UK patients with the self-confidence that a complete smile can bring.

All implants are not the same!

Dental implants have the same goal - to provide solutions for missing teeth and in the process to improve a person's quality of life. However, the quality (and the end-result) of all dental implants are not the same, and the differences will be influenced by a number of factors.

One of the main factors that affect the quality of dental implants is the cost involved. In the world of dental implants, and particularly with us the costs involved will reflect on the high-quality implants one can look forward to enjoying in the near future.

A variety of price ranges can be seen when looking at the various dental implant services offered. Getting to know more about the factors that affect the cost will be beneficial in deciding which offer to choose, after looking at the numerous offers available. Cost is determined by:

  • The expertise of the dental surgeon on a specific patient's case
  • The type of dental implant to be used
  • The technology and equipment used
  • The skill of the dental technician to hand craft a bespoke natural-looking final crown or denture

Careful consideration should be made when deciding on which implant system to go for. As the implants are titanium screws placed directly into the jawbone, only the best in terms of dental implant quality, dental surgeon's expertise, and technology should go into the whole process of dental implants placement. The procedure will involve not only a person's tooth (or teeth), but the jaw bone, and the whole face as well so there should be very little to no compromise in terms of the quality of materials used, as well as the whole treatment planning stage.

Choosing a dental implant system is a crucial decision, as it can have a remarkable impact on one's life for years to come. We offer Straumann, BTI and Nobel Biocare implants.

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These dental implant systems used by Harley Street Dental Studio have been proven for more than 20 years, so one can expect that they will be used efficiently for decades to come - providing one with a chance to enjoy a life full of smiles to the fullest.

For quality dental implants in the UK, and the foundation for a brilliant new smile, look no further than the Central London practice of Harley Street Dental Studio. Contact us today!

Jose Navarro Nick Fahey Saki Kanaan Johann Styger

At Harley Street Dental Studio, we have a specially trained team dedicated to providing you with the very best possible dental implant treatment. Read about our implant dentists Dr Jose Navarro, Dr Zaki Kanaan and Dr Johan Styger. Read also about our Prosthodontic Specialist Dr. Nick Fahey and learn about the Straumann® Implant System used at our London dental studio. We treat our patients at our exclusive private dental studio in London W1 Harley Street. Nick is a Fellow of the ITI International Team for Implantology. See his certificate here.


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