Confused about Teeth Straightening options?


at Harley Street Dental Studio

The CFast orthodontic treatment is seen as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and swift treatment options for those wanting to concentrate on the 'social six' teeth. By 'social six', we mean the front six teeth on the bottom and top rows that leave the most noticeable impression of our smile.

Can I Benefit From CFast?

CFast is fantastic if you are looking for a discreet and fast solution to misaligned teeth with minimal fuss. Whether your orthodontic issues could be described as mild or severe, there are still benefits to be had from the procedure.

How Does CFast Work?

In comparison with other orthodontic systems, this is remarkably simple. We fit custom made brackets to your teeth and then affix strong nickel-titanium wires to them which exert the perfect amount of force to gently move your teeth and align them.

What Are The Positives Of CFast?

  • Almost complete invisibility is a crucial part of the success of CFast. Many are understandably against the idea of having large, unsightly metal in their mouth for years at a time. This is why the orthodontic brackets we use are clear and the wires are specially tooth coloured.
  • If you have a big social event that you really want to look your best for then you are in luck. The average time taken to complete the procedure is only six months.
  • Due to its simplicity, CFast is brilliantly affordable in comparison to other treatments.
  • Aftercare is also incredibly straightforward. We don't want you to lose the results Therefore we offer a removable or fixed retainer for you to wear upon completion of the treatment.

Choosing Harley Street Dental Studio for your CFast treatment will leave you beaming. With Harley Street’s expert practitioners on hand to fit them and the extensive research and development of CFast braces behind you, this treatment really is one to consider.


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