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How Harley Street Dental Studio can help stop your snoring


How can we help?

Is your partner always moaning about you keeping them up with your snoring? Are you arguing or is there tension every morning because you’ve disturbed the peace and your other half is struggling to get enough sleep? Snoring is a very common issue. It doesn’t usually have any major bearing on your health, but it can have a detrimental impact on others. If you’re keen to stop snoring for good, we can help.

What causes snoring?

Most people snore when they change sleeping position, they have a cough or a cold or they’ve been drinking. If you sleep on your back, you’re more likely to snore because it’s more difficult for your body to take in oxygen. If you’ve been drinking alcohol, the muscles in your throat will be relaxed and this narrows the airways. Snoring can also be linked to being overweight or obese, allergies or taking certain types of medication.

Sometimes, it’s possible to prevent the cause and this will alleviate snoring, but in some cases, intervention is required. This is where the expert team at Harley Street Dental Studio can work their magic.

How we can help

We are able to offer lifestyle advice in cases where lifestyle factors play a role, but we can also provide patients with custom-designed appliances that are designed to increase air flow during the night. One effective remedy is a mandibular repositioning device, which adjusts the position of the jaw when you sleep. Wearing the device pushes the jaw forward slightly, which opens up the airway while you’re asleep.

If you’re worried about snoring, we can help! Get in touch via phone or contact us online. Hopefully, sleepless, noisy nights will soon be a thing of the past.


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