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Cosmetic dentistry has hit the headlines recently because an increasing number of people are choosing to take the appearance of their teeth into their own hands. Dental experts used the media to convey an important message this week and warn members of the public against DIY whitening treatments, which could potentially be very harmful.

Experts spoke out against homemade treatments, including salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Research has shown that an increasing number of people, especially young people, are turning to homemade treatments because they are cheap and readily available; however, these treatments can have dangerous, long-term effects because the chemicals can strip the enamel off the teeth. Once the enamel has been damaged, the tooth is susceptible to both erosion and decay.

Why are whitening treatments so popular?

Whitening treatments have become extremely popular in the last few years, thanks to a huge number of celebrity endorsements and a growing number of television makeover shows. Now, everyone wants a perfect, healthy looking smile and whitening is a quick, relatively cheap way to achieve this look.

Over the course of time, the teeth can become discoloured, especially if you smoke or drink strong coloured drinks, like red wine and coffee, on a regular basis. Stained, yellowy teeth can make you look older and take away a healthy, youthful glow and a whitening treatment can restore the healthy white colour of the teeth and boost the overall appearance of the smile.

From a patient’s perspective, whitening treatments are much less invasive than some other cosmetic dental treatments and it can produce results very quickly and simply; for patients who are anxious about going to a dentist but want to improve the overall look of their smile, whitening is an ideal option.

Professional whitening

Professional whitening treatments have been clinically proven to achieve excellent, long lasting results. At Harley Street Dental Studio the team recognises that people are intrigued by whitening treatments and there is consequently a large range of treatments on offer to suit patients with different needs and budgets.

The most popular whitening treatments include Zoom! whitening and Enlighten, which have both been featured in popular television shows and promoted by numerous celebrities. Both treatments can improve the look of the teeth considerably and lighten the teeth by up to ten shades. Both treatments are completely safe and have an excellent reputation amongst both patients and professionals.

As whitening treatments become more popular, prices are also becoming increasingly competitive and professional treatments are now more affordable than ever before. The message from dental experts was loud and clear this week in the media: avoid DIY remedies and potions and go for the slightly more expensive but more effective, safer treatment.

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