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Is getting older getting you down? If you’ve thought about the possibility of surgery but just can’t bring yourself to it for fear of experiencing pain, then look no further than your dentist for the latest non-surgical technology in facial rejuvenation.

At Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London the latest age-defying technology has arrived in the form of natural cosmetic filler Restylane, which is much safer than many others on the market as it has no side effects due to its chemical composition. This amazing new facial revitaliser can help eliminate those unwanted folds and wrinkles.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment itself involves a surgeon injecting a small amount of the Restylane into your skin, which gives instant results. In order to restore volume and plump out the wrinkle, it can also help give you a much better volume in your lip, as they tend to cave in and thin as we age. Restylane can help fill the wrinkles to the same level as the rest of your skin, and the lips can be filled to the patient’s desired level.

The main areas tackled with this treatment are the lines between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds, the wing of the nose, the approach of the mouth and the lips. The overall procedure is very quick and very easy as a pre-test is not required and the treatment only takes around half an hour.

A younger looking you

After the procedure is completed, you can expect to see immediate results that can last anywhere between six and twelve months. This does, however, depend on each individual as several factors such as age, lifestyle, skin and nature itself all contribute to how long the effects last. For folds and wrinkles many have a treatment after 12 months, with lips usually after six.

So next time you get your teeth treated, treat yourself too.


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