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Dispelling the Myths about Dental Phobia in London


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Even with modern-day dentistry, people express fear and anxiety about dentists and dental procedures. Such fears may stem from bad dental experiences, which can include lack of involvement in dental care decisions, procedures involving painful drilling or needles, insensitive dental staff care, poor complaints handling or hidden costs.

The common myths about dental phobia are that dentists lack patience with people who have dental phobia, don’t provide support or treatment for dental phobia, judge or are disgusted by poor mouth conditions, give painful injections or take away personal control and decision-making.

Let’s tackle the myths!

Dentists want to provide care for patients with dental phobia because:

  • It’s part of their dentistry philosophy to treat people holistically – mind and body – helping people with choices in dental phobia treatments. It’s part of good business for them to do so and keep patients happy! They treat, rather than judge people.
  • Modern technology, procedures and products mean that dental injections and treatment procedures can be painless, not painful.
  • Regular dental check-ups provide early intervention for diseases, even cancer, when no symptoms are felt.
  • Dentists adhere to the Care Quality Commission and General Dentistry Council standards. Changes in law mean dentists now have to involve the patient in treatment decision-making with cost-transparency, give patients choices and control of care and handle complaints properly.

Dental phobia treatments

Those who do have dental phobia can find a solution at London dentists with sedation therapy, relaxation techniques or possible counselling. Don’t use myths as an excuse to miss out on the treatment you need for your teeth, gums and mind.


Dispelling the Myths about Dental Phobia in London

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