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Dental Emergencies And Injuries In Central London


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Sadly, accidents can happen when you least expect them and dental injuries are fairly common. If you suffer an accident, you injure your tooth or you experience tooth pain, it is always advisable to seek attention from a dentist and to check that there are no serious issues, which need addressing.

Types of dental injury

There are many different types of dental injury, from a dislodged tooth to severe toothache. Other examples include a fractured tooth, dental abscesses and jaw problems.

In the case of a fractured or dislodged tooth, it is best to see a dentist as quickly as possible; if you have lost a tooth, it may be possible for a dentist to save it if you are able to get to the practice very quickly. In situations where a tooth is dislodged, try to clean the tooth, holding the crown section at all times and then place the tooth between the inner cheek and the gums. If you can see a dentist within 30 minutes there may be a chance of saving the tooth.

In cases where you suspect a tooth may be broken, it is best to see a dentist so that they can check the extent of the injury and act to prevent any further damage or pain.

Dental abscesses

Dental abscesses occur when the tooth or gums are infected; they are pus-filled sacs, which contain harmful bacteria. If you have a dental abscess, this must be treated by a dentist; unlike other abscesses, these abscesses are not usually treated with antibiotics and should be drained to release all the bacteria from the mouth. Abscesses are very painful and it is always best to get them treated as quickly as possible.

Dental pain

If you have a sudden onset of toothache or you suffer throbbing pain, which odes not improve when you take over the counter pain relief, see your dentist. It is likely that the pain will have an underlying cause, which needs treating quickly.

If you have any emergency dental queries or you would like advice about dental injuries, do not hesitate to contact our friendly reception team.




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