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Dealing With Mouth Ulcers


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While mouth ulcers are not usually something to worry about, they can be painful, especially when you’re eating or cleaning your teeth. If you’re struggling with an ulcer or seem to be suffering with recurrent ulcers, here are some tips to help ease pain and make you feel more comfortable:

Brush gently: many people experience pain when they have an ulcer when it comes to brushing their teeth. Take care when cleaning your teeth, avoid touching the ulcer and use a brush that has soft bristles.

Watch what you eat: spicy, sour and acidic foods and drinks can cause discomfort when you eat, so try to stick to bland flavours when you have an ulcer. It’s also a good idea to avoid sharp foods such as crusty bread and crisps, as these may cause further damage to your gums and irritate the ulcer.

Keep a food diary: if you suffer from ulcers on a frequent basis, try to keep a record of what you eat to see if it flags up potential triggers. Sometimes, people get ulcers when they eat specific foods. The most common food triggers include almonds, strawberries, coffee, chocolate, cheese, flour and tomatoes.

Use mouth ulcer treatment: in many cases, treatment is not required for mouth ulcers. However, if your ulcer is very painful, it may be worthwhile using an over the counter treatment. Gels applied directly onto the ulcer can help to provide pain relief and speed up the healing process. Ask your pharmacist if you have any questions about which product to buy or how to use the treatment.

De-stress: recurrent ulcers can be a result of stress and feeling run-down or under the weather. If you’re going through a stressful period at work or in your personal life, try some stress-busting techniques such as exercising, massage therapy, breathing exercises and talking over your problems with colleagues, friends or family members. If you suffer from severe stress or anxiety, consider seeing your GP, as stress can have negative implications for your health and wellbeing.




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