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Correcting Multiple Issues with Orthodontics


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 Braces available from London dentists correct problems with teeth

Feeling confident about your appearance is vital if you want to thrive in social occasions.  The first thing that most people will see when they meet you for the first time is your smile so it is really important that you feel able to smile with confidence in such situations.  Having crooked or misaligned teeth can stop you from feeling the confidence that so many people take for granted.  You needn’t despair about these problems. Instead ask your Harley Street dentist about how braces can work with your mouth to solve them.

Braces can be fitted at any age, not just during childhood.  Of course, childhood is an especially good time for braces because the teeth are still developing, but adults should not believe that the option of braces is not open to them.  Braces are incredibly versatile and the length of treatment will depend on what problem you are solving.  Sometimes braces need to be worn for as long as three years, but some treatment might only last six months.

It will be necessary for your dentist to take moulds and impressions of your teeth so that a brace can be constructed to fit your unique mouth.  Using dental etchant will guarantee extra strength to the bond between the metal bracket and your teeth.  A wire is threaded through the brackets and it is this that will be tightened by your dentist in order to move your teeth into the positions required.

Once your dentist is satisfied that the treatment has been successful, the braces can be removed and retainers will be worn to ensure that there is no relapse and your teeth and jaw remain in the desired positions.  Modern braces are diverse and the options available to patients include invisible braces and gold plated ones.


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