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It may be the financial capital of the UK but rumours that the tooth fairy has been hit by the credit crunch shouldn’t impact on the demand for clear braces.

London may have been hit hard by the credit crunch, but it shouldn’t wipe the smile off the faces of those that have opted for clear braces. London may be struggling financially but the crunch has made many people reassess what’s important in their lives. After years of consuming and spending, more people are now thinking twice about what they spend their dwindling bank balances on. And things like feeling attractive and having a reason to smile are more important than wearing the latest fashions or buying the latest gadgets. A winning smile and clear braces, London credit crunch fashion aficionados are realising, are the best thing to invest in.

Clear Braces, London Dentists

Clear braces, London cosmetic dentists know, are the first step to getting the perfect smile. After straightening the teeth, adopting a good oral hygiene regime and opting for cosmetic procedures such as whitening, it’s possible to transform how you look and how you feel. If you’ve got a big smile you’re proud to flash, the credit crunch woes won’t feel so bad. Rather than investing in stock markets or shares, investing in how you look and feel about yourself can have a much greater return. Clear braces, London dentists believe, offer an aesthetic alternative to the chunky, metal braces, helping thousands of people to take their first steps to achieving their perfect smile.

Tooth Fairy Hit by Crunch

News reports have suggested that the tooth fairy has dropped the size of the average payout for a lost tooth. In one of the many bizarre surveys used to illustrate how the credit crunch has hit home, a survey by The Children’s Mutual shows that the tooth fairy may be the next credit crunch victim. Despite that, more British children are realising it pays to look after your teeth, with 258% rise in tooth fairy payments in the last 25 years, taking the average tooth to be worth £1.42. And London children seem to be more aware of their teeth visiting orthodontists and wearing clear braces – London parents are either wealthier or more aware of the importance of teeth. One in five London kids receive £5 per tooth!

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