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Can Dental Veneers Look Natural?


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Veneers have a reputation for creating ultra glamorous, celebrity style smiles, but you don’t always have to recreate the Hollywood red carpet look; we can also use venees to create very subtle, natural looking results and we can tailor your treatment to suit your ideas of the perfect smile.

About dental veneers

Veneers are often associated with celebrities because they are commonly used to create flawless smiles, but treatment is accessible to all and veneers are a very versatile option. Of course, it is true to say that veneer treatment can produce bright white, beaming, red carpet style smiles, but they can also create a much more muted and natural aesthetic. We can provide individual or sets of veneers to treat issues such as staining, worn edges, misshapen teeth and chips, as well as catering for those clients who don’t have imperfections, but simply want a brighter, more attractive smile.

We have many types of veneer treatment available and we can personalise your treatment to suit your preferences; during the consultation stage, we will discuss your ideas at length and we will actively encourage you to be involved in the design stage of treatment to ensure the perfect result.

Veneer treatments at Harley Street Dental Studio

We have an array of amazing veneer systems on offer at Harley Street Dental Studio, including Da Vinci veneers, Lumineers by Cerinate and MACveneers. Before you have veneer treatment, we will invite you to an informal consultation so that we can have a good look at your teeth and gums and talk to you about your treatment aims and expectations and the kind of results you would like to achieve; we understand that every client is different and this is why we have numerous options on offer and the chance to customise veneers to suit the individual. Every client receives a set of bespoke veneers and we guarantee amazing results every time.

During the consultation, we will discuss the different veneer systems with you and go through the advantages and disadvantages of each option; we will be happy to make recommendations based on your dental needs and your preferences to help you decide which treatment to go for.


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