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Are Aligners The Right Braces Treatment For You?


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There is a wide variety of orthodontic treatments available today, so it can be a little confusing trying to decide which brace is best for you. With everything from removable aligners to braces that sit behind the teeth on offer, there’s a perfect fit for every orthodontic patient.

Are aligners the right choice for me?

Aligners have become very popular because they offer convenience and simplicity, as well as incredibly discreet aesthetics in most cases. Aligners offer an alternative to fixed braces, which may be appealing to those who wish to gain results with minimal hassle; with aligners, you can get the smile you want without really having to adapt your lifestyle in any way, as the brace can be removed quickly and easily when you want to eat or clean your teeth. Aligners are also good in terms of oral health, as you can brush your teeth thoroughly without having to worry about getting a brush around brackets or bands.

Aligners are generally suited to people who only require a small or moderate amount of movement, as they can only generate limited power and they don’t offer as much support as fixed braces. If you have minor or moderate issues, they may be a great option, especially if you would prefer a more discreet brace; however, if you have more complex issues, which require intensive treatment and a lot of movement, a fixed brace may be a better option.

Your dentist will be able to tell you whether or not aligners are a suitable option for you once they have assessed your bite and ascertained more information about the nature and severity of your orthodontic issues. If aligners are not the best solution, they will be able to make other recommendations, which are more suitable.



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