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An Innovative Braces System For Patients In London


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For many people the thought of having a brace can be a very daunting thing. This is mainly due to the length of time that they will have to wear it and the thought of having to go about their day to day lives with a traditional metal train track style brace on show at all times.

A frictionless force

However at Harley Street Dental Studio in London there is now a great alternative to the traditional metal style brace, the Damon Braces. The Damon Brace is a discreet fitting innovative orthodontic brace that uses self-litigating brackets, which move the teeth by using a frictionless force. This new quick and comfortable treatment can be used on both adults and teenagers.

Stages of treatment

The treatment stages are also quite simple; first you would take part in a consultation to see how suitable you are for the treatment and what your goals are. After this, photographs will be taken and moulds will be made of your teeth. These will then be used to create the perfect brace to fit your teeth, and they will then be placed and bonded during one visit, as the wires and brackets used can be fitted quickly and easily. After this is done you will arrange appointments to come back for check ups, which will involve having minor adjustments made to the braces, and all this should take around 6 months less time than with a traditional brace.

The benefits

There are also many benefits that come with the Damon Braces such as quicker treatment time, having a much more comfortable brace, as they are friction free they are much more comfortable than traditional metal braces. The Damon brace is also very easy to clean, so maintaining a good oral hygiene routine won’t be a problem once they are fitted. They are also much more aesthetically pleasing than a train track brace; this is because they have smaller brackets that make them that little bit more discreet.






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