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The All-on-4 dental implants procedure is a very effective treatment that allows the anchoring of a complete arc of teeth with the help of just four implants. The implants are made out of titanium and placed into the jawbone as a substitute for the root of a tooth. Traditional dental implants treatment require anywhere from 6-10 implants to secure a full arc of teeth.

The time required for the healing of gums and the number of visits to the dentist is significantly reduced due to the low number of implants required for this treatment. The requirement of just four implants means that in most cases, no bone grafting is necessary and the treatment is less invasive. You can get your new implants on the same day and can have a brand new smile immediately.

The initial stage

If you’re interested in this implants treatment, contact the practice to set an appointment for the initial consultation. On your first appointment, detailed examination of the mouth will be done and impressions of the gums and the teeth will be taken. Tests will also be done to check if any tooth needs to be removed before the implants are placed. During this consultation, you will also have an opportunity to ask questions and queries you have regarding this treatment.

The procedure

The implants are placed at an angle to provide maximum support. The implants placed in the front are fitted at an angle of 90°, whereas the implants placed at the back use an angle of 45°. After the placement of the implants, the abutment will be put in place, after which the restoration will be attached. Once the procedure is completed the dentist will advise you on the precautions you must take to effectively look after the implants. For more information about All-on-4 treatment, please contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London.


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