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All About Lingual Braces


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Lingual braces are becoming increasingly popular and this is especially the case among adult patients. The braces are similar to traditional systems but there is one major difference: they are fixed to the lingual (back) side of the teeth rather than the front and so cannot be seen when you smile.

The major benefit of lingual braces is that they are virtually invisible to others, so there is no need to worry about how you will look during the treatment process or how other people will react to the fact that you are wearing braces. Many patients feel more self-conscious when they wear braces, so this is an ideal treatment for image-conscious patients.

At Harley Street Dental Studio in London we offer the amazing Social 6 lingual brace system. This is designed for patients with minor orthodontic issues on their front teeth (the social 6).

About Social 6 braces

Social 6 braces are designed to target the ‘social 6’ which are the teeth that are visible when you smile. This is ideal for people who have minor problems affecting their front teeth, such as crowding or space between their front teeth. The best part is that nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing braces because they will be attached to the back of the teeth.

Is it painful?

We know what you’re thinking: having braces on the back of your teeth must be painful. However, this particular lingual brace system is extremely comfortable and the technology of the braces minimises any pain. The braces are very fine and the brackets small to prevent friction, while the forces created are gentle to prevent discomfort when the teeth move.

What are the benefits?

The most obvious benefit is that you can’t see the braces. Your image will therefore not change in any way while you are having treatment. Social 6 braces are also comfortable, the treatment works quickly (typically complete within 16 weeks) and the treatment process is simple.

If you are looking for a fast-acting, discreet orthodontic treatment then Social 6 lingual braces could be the perfect solution.


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