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Advanced Fixed Braces for Straighter Smiles in No Time in Central London


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Fixed braces are the treatment of choice for patients in Central London with complex orthodontic problems and for those who want fast tooth movement. Today treatment with fixed braces is more discreet and a great deal quicker, enabling patients to achieve their dream smile without the discomfort of large fixtures and long treatment times.

One the most advanced brace systems now available is the Damon Brace, which can correct nearly every orthodontic problem in a fraction of the time, without the usual discomfort fixed braces can cause.

What are Damon Braces and how can they help me?

Damon Braces are a specific type of fixed brace device, which uses friction free self ligating wires and brackets. The brackets that Damon Braces use do not employ the usual elastic banding, which does not move as easily with the teeth, causing discomfort and slowing down treatment times. A Damon Brace bracket allows the wire to slide along as the teeth move, which speeds up treatment time and prevents the usual level of pain you experience with a fixed brace.

What are the benefits of Damon Braces?

Speed: Damon Braces can provide results 6 months earlier than most other brace treatments. This is because of the self-ligating brackets used with every Damon Brace, which enhances the effect of fixed braces.

Comfort: These same brackets also make fixed brace treatment a great deal more comfortable, as the brackets and wires move along with your teeth.

Outstanding results: Damon Braces are an ideal treatment for even complex orthodontic problems. Crowded, gapped, misaligned and even narrow smiles can all be treated using Damon Braces.

Why should I have Damon Braces when I could have invisible braces?

Clear aligners are the perfect treatment for mild to moderate problems, but if you are looking for effective treatment to address complex conditions or you would like straighter teeth in a short space of time then Damon Braces are definitely a better option for you.



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