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A Standing In-Ovation C for Ceramic Fixed Braces


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If you’re searching for a discreet fixed brace, which works quickly, look no further than In-Ovation C. This modern treatment is a swift and comfortable alternative to conventional fixed braces.

What’s so special about In-Ovation C?

In-Ovation C is a fixed brace system, which uses sleek, delicate braces made from transparent and tooth-coloured wires and brackets to align the teeth discreetly. These braces have smaller parts than other fixed braces, and they are much less visible when you smile. They also feature self-ligating brackets, which generate less friction for more comfortable treatment.

In-Ovation C braces are designed to blend in with your smile and the parts are a close match to the natural tooth colour. If you want braces, but you’re worried about your image, this could be a great option for you.

The advantages of In-Ovation C

In-Ovation C offers numerous advantages. In most cases, patients don’t need teeth extracting before the braces are fitted and the simple process means that fewer appointments are required. Treatment times are shorter than traditional fixed braces and the friction-free technology minimises discomfort.

Although In-Ovation C braces aren’t invisible, they are much more discreet than other fixed braces, and hopefully, you’ll feel confident during the treatment process.

Taking care of your braces

Fixed braces are harder to care for than removable braces, but once you get used to cleaning your brace, you’ll find it very quick and easy. Your dentist will show you how to keep your braces clean and give you tips for brushing your teeth once your braces have been fitted. It can take a couple of days to get used to the feeling of having braces, but any mild pain should subside quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about In-Ovation C and see if you’re a good candidate for treatment, give us a call and book a consultation today!


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