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Most people associate braces with teenagers. However, in recent years the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has increased significantly.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment is associated with teenage children because it is best to treat orthodontic problems as early as possible. However, many people with orthodontic problems do not receive treatment and consequently continue to suffer from orthodontic problems during adulthood. Orthodontic problems do not just go away and, although it is best to try and resolve them as early as possible, it is never too late to have treatment and many people are now wearing braces in their twenties, thirties and forties.

Image-obsessed society

Nowadays, we are more image-obsessed than ever before and an increasingly large number of people are seeking treatments and solutions to ensure they look better, younger and more aesthetically pleasing. Advances in science and technology mean that treatments are becoming increasingly effective and safe and many treatments can produce incredible results in just a matter of minutes.

Adults need braces too!

The range of orthodontic treatments on offer to patients is now vast and dental technicians and dental companies have taken adult patients into consideration when developing new products and treatments. For most adults, the most obvious disadvantage of having orthodontic treatment is having to wear braces, which can have a dramatic effect on the individual’s appearance. For many people, the mere thought of braces rules out orthodontic treatment because they still associate wearing braces with traditional, uncomfortable, bulky metal braces. However, there are now many different types of brace on the market, as well as other orthodontic devices, which are much more discreet than conventional braces.

Invisible braces

Invisalign is just one example of the new age of orthodontic treatments. Invisalign braces are actually clear plastic aligners, which are designed to be completely invisible to other people. The aligners are designed to move the teeth into the correct position without anyone else even knowing that the patient is wearing braces. Many other treatments have also become popular in recent years and the most successful products are those that have been designed to be discreet and subtle.

The celebs

Some celebrities have also inspired adults to visit their dentist for orthodontic treatment and even the most traditionally unattractive metal braces have developed a cult following the success of television programme, Ugly Betty. Most famous faces tend to go for the more modern braces, which are barely visible to other people and the straight, healthy looking smile has become something of a must-have accessory.

Numerous studies have also shown that people with an attractive, straight set of teeth are more likely to succeed in both their social and professional lives. Research has also shown that a large proportion of people also consider a nice smile to be an essential characteristic for a future partner. In light of these findings, it is unsurprising that an increasing number of adults are taking steps to improve the appearance of their smile. Nowadays, brace-wearing does not have such a stigma attached and improved treatment methods and shorter treatment times means that people are more willing to go to their dentist to discuss orthodontic treatment.

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