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At Harley Street Dental Studio, we recognise that speed is essential for many of our orthodontic patients and we have a range of swift solutions to deliver results without delay. If you have a special occasion or a date in mind and you’re hoping for a beautifully straight smile, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Our rapid remedies

Time is of the essence for many of our clients and we have a broad spectrum of options to cater for our patients’ diverse needs. Whether you are looking for speedy solution for slightly crooked teeth or you need intensive treatment for severe crowding, we have the answer.

Some treatments work slowly, but others are designed to produce results much faster; here are some of our extraordinary examples:

Cfast: CFast is a fast-acting fixed brace treatment, which offers benefits with a wide range of orthodontic issues. These ultra-sleek, clear braces are barely visible and they produce results in just 4-6 months. Cfast is ideal for those who only need a small amount of movement, but it can be beneficial for all patients, including those with more complex needs.

Damon Braces: Damon Braces are an excellent time-saving alternative to traditional fixed braces; these braces are suitable for patients with moderate and complex needs and they work around 4-6 months faster than conventional fixed braces. Damon Braces are also more discreet and aesthetically pleasing than most other fixed braces and they use the latest technology to reduce friction and maximise comfort.

Inman Aligner: this removable appliance is an ideal solution for people who require minor correction for issues that affect the front teeth. The aligner works very quickly, with an average treatment time of just 16 weeks and it also offers convenience and flexibility, as you can slide it out when you plan to eat or clean your teeth.

AcceleDent: AcceleDent is an innovative acceleration treatment, which can shorten treatment times by up to 50 per cent. This device, which looks similar to a mouth guard and is compatible with lots of different types of brace, is worn for just 20 minutes per day and it accelerates the speed of tooth movement by producing vibrations, which increase the power of the forces produced by the braces.

If you like the sound of rapid treatment and incredible results, call now! Your amazing new smile could be just around the corner!


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