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Wisdom Teeth Woes In The Heart Of London


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The wisdom teeth are the final adult teeth to develop; they are also called third molars and there are four in total. When you mention the words wisdom teeth, it is common to be met with a grimace, as they tend to have a reputation for being troublesome.

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

For many people, the wisdom teeth are fine and they don’t cause any issues; however, for some, it can be painful when the teeth start to push through because there may not be enough space in the jaw for them to grow normally. Sometimes, if there is a lack of space, the tooth starts to grow at an angle and push against the neighbouring tooth and this is known as an impacted tooth.

What can be done for woeful wisdom teeth?

In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth are not an issue, but if you have painful wisdom teeth, the teeth are decayed or there is clearly not enough room for the teeth to develop fully, it may be best to extract the teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is similar to normal extraction; however, sometimes it can be more complex because of the angle and position of the tooth and in this case, the patient will be treated by a dentist with experience in oral surgery.

Self-help techniques

If you’re in pain as a result of your wisdom teeth pushing through, there are some things you can do at home to try and ease the discomfort. These include taking painkillers and applying a cool cloth to the gums. If you are taking painkillers, take care to read the instructions and if you have any queries, ask your dentist or a pharmacist. Some over the counter medications are not suitable for patients with certain underlying health problems.



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