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Wisdom Teeth – Not So Wise After All?


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It is popularly believed that wisdom teeth earned their name as a result of the period at which they appear. They are the last of your teeth to emerge and, it is rather presumptuously held that, by this point you are probably a little wiser than you were before. Two points: firstly, wisdom teeth normally erupt during your late teens which tend to be a prime time for regrettable choices and are most certainly not the age one associates with sage-like acumen.  Secondly, even age doesn’t guarantee wisdom – I’m sure you’ve met plenty of people who prove that! To top it all off, we’ve evolved past the point of even needing wisdom teeth! The bottom line is that wisdom teeth don’t really live up to their name.

What are the main problems caused by wisdom teeth?

Sometimes wisdom teeth only partially erupt, that is ‘only partly come through’. If a part of the wisdom tooth is still covered by a flap of gum, this can make cleaning the tooth incredibly difficult and can also lead to a build-up in bacteria which can cause oral hygiene problems. If the tooth does fully emerge later, it may need to be removed as a result of decay. This, however, is not the biggest problem they can cause…

What is the biggest problem they cause?

The biggest problem actually comes from a lack of space in a person’s jaw. In this scenario, the wisdom tooth cannot develop properly and can fail to emerge at all. This is referred to as ‘complete bony impaction.’ The tooth, inside your jaw, is inside a developmental sack which can eventually develop into a cyst.

So what can I do if this happens?

Thankfully, we at Harley Street Dental Studio in London can extract wisdom teeth. The operation, like any procedure, carries some risks, so if you’re wisdom teeth are strong and healthy then it is not recommended. Should your wisdom teeth be causing you problems, however, we recommend you call us soon for a consultation!


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