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Why You Should Go Incognito for a Straighter Smile


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Did you know that you no longer need to show your braces when you smile?

Nowadays there are a variety of alternatives to the traditional bulky braces worn in the past, but very recently there was a leap forward in brace technology. The latter has now created a new system of braces which have been dubbed Incognito, as they hide behind the teeth rather than on show in the front.

What’s more, users are also able to have them fitted on just part of the teeth that needs treatment. Traditionally, the whole set of the upper or lower teeth were fitted with a brace.

Customised for each patient

This means that unlike traditional braces, which use a one-size-fits-all approach, Incognito braces can be completely customised for you. This in turn has other advantages, in particular reduced visits to the orthodontist for tightening and so on.

There are a number of benefits to using Incognito lingual braces. First off is the fact that they are not on show, so you no longer have to feel embarrassed about wearing them. No one will know!

No allergic reactions

Another benefit is that incognito lingual braces are made from gold. Traditional and even the more recent technologies use nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction for some wearers. This won’t happen with incognito lingual braces.

Finally, depending on the treatment needed, orthodontists believe that by wearing this new type of brace the period of doing so could be shortened.

While this new brace is a significant improvement on what’s gone before, it is not perfect. While there are few downsides, there is one that can worry some people namely speech. Incognito lingual braces do cause mild speech impediment, but orthodontists say this is only temporary and normal speech will resume.


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