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Why You Should Be Thinking About Digital Smile Design


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In the past, patients had to rely on descriptions provided by their dentists and pictures of other people to get an idea of what their smile would look like after treatment. Today, we are able to show you what you can expect thanks to innovative digital smile design. It can be tough to imagine something based on a verbal description alone. Now, you don’t have to be imaginative. The images are right there for you to see and appreciate.

What does digital smile design involve?

Digital smile design involves a series of stages. The aim of the process is to design a smile that not only looks incredible. Our dentists also strive to match your new smile to your preferences, your personality, and your facial aesthetic. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a one size fits all solution. It’s important that your treatment pathway is tailored to you.

The first step will be to take a digital photograph of your smile. This image will enable us to look at your teeth in detail, and work out which treatments could be most beneficial. We also use video analysis to see how your smile looks when you’re speaking and interacting with others.

We then work together to design your smile. We’re always eager to get our clients involved, and we want to hear your ideas and your treatment aims. It’s your smile, and we want to achieve a perfect result. We use digital software to create images using different treatment options. This enables us to plan treatment, and it helps you to choose the treatments you want.

Once the design is complete, we create a blueprint for your treatment, and then we can begin the actual treatment process. Before treatment begins, you can see a series of preview shots to give you an accurate idea of what your teeth will look like once you’ve completed treatment. You can make any final adjustments, and the pictures will hopefully give you something to look forward to!

Once treatment is complete, we’ll take some more pictures and record video clips so you can see what an amazing difference treatment has made.


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