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Why Sportsmen Need To Think About Their Teeth In Central London


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If you play contact sport or a game, which involves fast-flying objects or hard surfaces, we recommend wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards help to reduce the risk of dental injuries, including broken, chipped and dislodged teeth.

We are delighted to offer the Pure Power Mouth Guard, one of the most advanced pieces of sports dental equipment on the market.

Everything you need to know about the Pure Power Mouth Guard

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is a gum shield, which offers so much more than your average mouth guard. This guard is specially designed to adapt the position of the jaw to increase comfort and reduce tension and strain in the facial muscles.

The PPM is custom-made using precise measurements and it is designed to automatically adjust the jaw to its optimum position when you put it in your mouth.

We recommend using mouth guards to protect the teeth and save them from damage caused by landing on a hard surface, coming into contact with another person or a hard object or falling. Dental injuries can be very nasty and there is a risk of losing a tooth or a number of teeth in many sports.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of using the PPM. Firstly, tension in the muscles is reduced and this facilitates more effective contraction and prevents pain. Without having to worry about pain, you can focus all your energy and concentration on the game. The mouth guard also protects against common dental injuries and it helps to optimise your performance by correcting posture and increasing the range of movement around the jaw.

We highly recommend the Pure Power Mouth Guard for anyone who plays a sport that carries a risk of dental injury, whether you are an amateur who plays once a week or an elite performer who trains every day. We advise anyone who participates in rugby league, rugby union, hockey, ice hockey, boxing, lacrosse and martial arts to consider investing in the PPM. Call us today for more details!


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