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Why It’s Important to See a Hygienist


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Most of the UK population will suffer from bleeding gums at some point in their lives, which is why at Harley Street Dental Studio we offer hygienist therapy to all of our patients. During an appointment with one of our hygienists, we professionally clean your teeth and mouth and create a dental plan tailored to your oral health needs.

The importance of dental health

Looking after your teeth is extremely important in order to prevent oral health problems arising, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Preventing such issues means that there is much less chance of having to have tooth restoration treatments in the future, which can cost time and money.

Spotting early signs of decay

Both your dentist and dental hygienist are able to spot those very early signs of decay or gum disease, much faster than you would at home. They are also able to spot the first signs of oral cancer. If there is a build up of plaque, our hygienists are able to remove all traces using the very best technology and skills to get teeth and gums back to full health. There is also a link between gum disease and other medical conditions such as heart health, strokes and diabetes. Arranging an appointment to see one of our dental hygienists could save your oral health as well as your overall health and well-being.

We can discuss and show our patients the best techniques for cleaning teeth, the best brushes to use and how to floss successfully. A professional cleaning can also restore teeth back to health and leave patients with a clean slate so they can have a second chance at good oral health.


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