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Why Do Our Patients In London Choose White Fillings?


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White fillings are a really popular treatment. Most people have to have at least once filling during their lifetime and many have people have a number of fillings. In the past, metal amalgam fillings were popular because they were cheap and lasted a long time, but most people prefer to choose white fillings now and we see an increasing number of people who want to have their metal fillings replaced with white fillings.

Fillings are a form of restoration; they are used to fill cavities, which are holes in the tooth. Fillings help to make the tooth stronger and more resistant to decay and injury. Before the filling is placed, the cavity is cleaned and all the decayed tooth tissue is taken out to prevent decay from spreading to other parts of the tooth.

Why choose white fillings?

The main reason people choose to have white fillings is aesthetics; white fillings blend in with the natural tooth colour seamlessly, so you cannot tell where the filling is, whereas metal fillings are highly visible. White fillings are made from durable, high grade materials and they are much stronger than they used to be; they can now be used in almost all cavities.

White fillings are also safe; many people are wary of mercury amalgam fillings because there are concerns over safety and they are not environmentally-friendly.

Cosmetic bonding

As well as being used for filling cavities and strengthening teeth, composite filing material can also be used to improve the aesthetic of the smile in a procedure known as composite bonding or cosmetic bonding. Composite is shaped while still in putty form to repair chipped teeth, fill in small gaps between the teeth and improve the shape of teeth and then once your dentist is happy with the result, the putty is set hard using a light beam; the composite is then trimmed to ensure a perfect finish. To book a white fillings consultation get in touch with the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London.



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