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Why dental phobia must be overcome this Christmas – With the help of London dentists


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For many people the mere thought of visiting the dentist can conjure up feelings of anxiety and nervousness. Dental anxiety affects a huge proportion of the population and many people avoid the dentist in a bid to prevent these feelings of anxiety. It is this kind of obstacle that can ruin Christmas celebrations if, for example, your smile does not look how you want it to be or it does not function properly and you can’t enjoy Christmas dinner.

There are many reasons why people may feel scared or anxious about being at the dentist. Some people have a fear of pain, some have had negative experiences with a dentist in the past and others feel anxious at the thought of hearing the dentist’s drill. Many people also dislike having metal instruments in their mouth and this can cause them to feel anxious.

Being at the dentist is an integral part of good oral hygiene and is extremely important, especially during Christmas with all the sweeties it has on offer, so you should try to put your fears aside and pay a visit to your dentist. Dental anxiety is very common and dentists are now introducing new ways to help anxious patients feel at ease.

Nowadays, dentists offer a range of distractions to take your mind off being at the dentist. From plasma TV screens in the ceiling to massage pads in the dreaded dentist’s chair, increased efforts are being made to make the treatment room more relaxed. Many dentists now also offer sedation treatments, which help patients to feel more relaxed and prevent any anxiety relating to pain.

Dentists are also urging parents to bring their kids to the dentist at an early age, so that they can get used to visiting the dentist. This will help to reduce the likelihood of them suffering from dental anxiety in the future and will enable them to build a positive relationship with their dentist.

Happy Christmas and happy smiles all round!


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