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Why Choose The Innovative CFast Braces In The City Of London?


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With so much choice available to orthodontic patients today, it can be tricky trying to narrow down the options and choose the perfect treatment, but we are here to help you do this and to ensure you get the smile of your dreams at the end of it all. For patients who are searching for a quick, discreet solution for minor orthodontic issues, we highly recommend CFast, a relatively new system, which offers comfort speed and amazing, subtle aesthetics.

What is CFast?

CFast is a predominately a fixed brace system, which uses incredibly discreet braces to move the teeth quickly and with minimal discomfort. CFast focuses on the social 6, the six front top and bottom teeth, to create the best aesthetics and it can be beneficial for patients with all kinds of different orthodontic problems, from crowding to gaps between the teeth.

How does CFast work?

CFast adopts a very simple approach to tooth movement. We simply fix brackets onto the teeth and then thread the arch-wire through; the brackets and wires produce forces, which cause the teeth to move in the desired direction. The wires are made from titanium and nickel and they exert enough force to move the teeth quickly without causing any pain.

What are the advantages of CFast?

CFast offers patients of all ages an array of benefits. The braces are very discreet, with small brackets and tooth-coloured wires, and they are barely noticeable when you smile. Aesthetics are really important for many patients and this option gives you the chance to get the treatment you need without any anxiety about the way you look or the image you portray; you don’t have to worry about how you look on that first date or what people will think when you go to meetings.

Treatment time is shorter than most fixed brace treatments, with an average treatment time of 3-6 months.


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