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Whether You Require Fast Tooth Movement or Invisible Tooth Movement in London we have the Brace for You


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Straighter teeth are not only more attractive they are also easier to clean, making them much healthier than crooked teeth.

Braces are the ideal option for straightening your teeth and we offer a great range at Harley Street Dental Studio in London, to help every type of dental patients achieve the straight smile they desire.

What options are available if I don’t want anyone to see my braces?

If you need tooth movement but do not like the thought of visible wires and brackets you have a number of options, including:

Invisible braces

  • Invisalign-this system uses a series of clear plastic aligners, to move the teeth into place completely unnoticed.
  • ClearStep-this is a similar system to Invisalign, which again uses completely clear aligners to move the teeth.
  • Simpli5-this systems uses only 5 clear aligners to move the teeth into position and is suitable for cases of relapse after previous brace treatment.
  • Incognito-this system attaches the wires and brackets to the back of the teeth, so no one will see that you are having treatment.
  • STB Social 6-another lingual brace system, which can correct your orthodontic complaint without anyone seeing that you are having treatment.

Fast braces

If you are looking for effective and quick tooth movement we also have a range of fast action braces available, including:

  • Damon braces-this is a fixed brace system, which uses self-ligating wires and brackets that move along with your tooth movement. This means fewer dental visits and faster results.
  • 6 Month Smiles-6 Month Smiles are a discreet fixed brace system, which uses tooth coloured wires and brackets to move the teeth. Treatment can be completed in just 6 months, as only the teeth you can see when you smile are moved, which saves time attempting to move the entire bite.
  • Inman Aligner- The Inman Aligner is a removable aligner system, which uses opposing forces to gently β€˜squeeze’ the teeth together in as little as 8 weeks.



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