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What Will A Smile Makeover for Patients from London Include?


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Have you ever felt like your smile isn’t reaching its full potential? There are so many treatments available that it’s hard to know where to start on the quest for perfect teeth. If you feel this way, then a good option is to get a smile makeover.

What does a smile makeover involve?

You may be unhappy about many different aspects of your teeth and if your teeth are crooked, discoloured, worn down or broken you could benefit from a smile makeover. A smile makeover consists of many different treatments that can be tailored to your unique needs. These include:

• Teeth whitening procedures, which can consist of in office and at home treatments.
• Porcelain veneers over teeth, which improve the shape and whiteness of your smile.
• Dental bonding, where resin is used to fill in cracks and conceal stains on the teeth.
• Porcelain crowns to restore damaged teeth.
• Dental implants to replace lost teeth.
• Braces, including invisible braces, to straighten your teeth.
• Amalgam free fillings that blend with your natural tooth colour.
• Custom designed dentures that look like your real teeth.

A good smile makeover for patients from London will involve a consultation with your dentist, where you will discuss your expectations for the treatment and plan your smile makeover in detail. Some smile makeovers can be completed in one day so you can walk away with your new smile.

The cost of a smile makeover varies wildly depending on how many treatments you choose to have. Your makeover will last for many years depending on how well you look after your new teeth. Veneers can last up to fifteen years and implants can last up to thirty, so it may be well worth making an investment. After all, who can put a price on the self esteem boost you will achieve with a mouth full of flawless nashers?

What Will A Smile Makeover for Patients from London Include?

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