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What Orthodontic Methods Are Available For Teenagers In London


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One reason that braces tend to be worn during adolescence is the malleability of the surrounding bone as permanent teeth have only just come through. Several invisible braces exist for minor corrections, but many teens require orthodontic treatment for more serious issues. In essence, most orthodontic treatments aren’t age specific: If a teen is appropriate for a brace then they can have it. Here, however, we will be focusing on braces that are suitable for common adolescent orthodontic issues.

Traditional fixed

These braces are certified classics. Yes, they are the ones that tend to get the most grief, but they are also the most versatile and reliable. Fixed braces are made up of tiny buttons, known as brackets, which are attached to your teeth. Sometimes, metal rings called bands will also be fixed around your back teeth. These are then kept together by a narrow wire called ‘archwire’ which is held in position either by tiny elastic bands, known as modules, or narrow wires called ligatures. They are called ‘fixed’ because they cannot be removed.  The braces can be made of either metal or ceramic material.

Lingual braces

These are essentially fixed braces which, in a twist, are positioned on the inside of the teeth, thus meaning no one can see them. Sadly, Lingual braces are not suitable for all cases, but they are fantastic for teens that are self-conscious about being seen in fixed braces. Treatment with lingual braces can sometimes take a little longer than treatment with fixed braces.


This is mostly used on patients who already have their second molars, so it’s only appropriate for those in their late teens. Invisalign treatment is based around a series of see-through aligners which move teeth in increments. They are incredibly discreet but, again, are only appropriate in certain cases.

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