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What is the best way to whiten teeth at your London dentist?


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White teeth are attractive and healthy looking and in recent years, whitening treatments have become extremely popular, as people look for ways to enhance the aesthetic of their smile.

Teeth have a naturally white colour, but over time they may become discoloured. Staining is particularly common amongst smokers and people who regularly drink coffee, tea and red wine. Poor oral hygiene can also cause the teeth to become discoloured.

Improving the colour of the teeth

If you have very mild discolouration a good cleaning treatment carried out by a dental hygienist could make the teeth look brighter and whiter. Whitening toothpaste may also have a positive effect on the colour of the teeth.

If you have more severe discolouration or heavy staining, cleaning treatments and whitening oral hygiene products will not be powerful enough to remove the stains and a more intensive treatment will be required.

Whitening treatments

If you have straight, healthy teeth that are discoloured, a whitening treatment may be the best option. There are different treatments available, including in-chair treatment and at-home treatments and they are proven to whiten the teeth by a number of shades.

If you have chipped, broken or misaligned teeth, it may be necessary to have additional treatment before you have whitening treatment and your dentist may recommend veneers if this is the case. Veneers are thin laminates, which are placed over the existing teeth and can transform even the most unattractive smile into a radiant set of pearly whites. Bonding can be used to repair minor chips and this can help to make the smile look healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.


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