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What is Accelerated Orthodontics?


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Time is of the essence for many of our orthodontic patients and we are now able to reduce treatment times and bring you results faster thanks to accelerated orthodontics.

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is a technique used to reduce treatment times by speeding up the movement of the teeth. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we are proud to offer OrthoPulse treatment to help patients enjoy their new smile sooner. OrthoPulse is a device designed to accelerate tooth movement.

OrthoPulse works by stimulating the bone tissue surrounding the tooth roots. It does this by using low levels of infra-red light. By stimulating the bone tissue, the speed of movement is increased, reducing treatment times and bringing forward the date you can have those braces removed to unveil your amazing new smile.

The process

OrthoPulse treatment is very straightforward and involves wearing the device for 10 minutes each day. The device is comfortable and you can tailor your treatment to fit in with your daily schedule. You can wear it in the evening while you watch TV or put it on while you’re reading a book in bed, for example. The OrthoPulse device is compatible with most orthodontic appliances, including Invisalign aligners.

Does OrthoPulse really work?

OrthoPulse has been developed based on extensive research and techniques that have been used in dentistry and medicine for more than 60 years. Clinical trials show that the device is very effective and can reduce treatment times by up to 50 percent.

If you like the sound of OrthoPulse and are in a hurry to show off your new straight smile, call us today!


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