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What is a bone graft and why might you need it at your London dentist?


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Bone grafting is a procedure that involves taking bone tissue from one part of the body and adding it to bone tissue in a different part of the body and can also involve the use of artificial bone tissue. Bone grafting may seem like a complex procedure but it is actually very simple and is only required if there is a lack of bone tissue in a certain area of the body. In dentistry, bone grafting is most commonly used prior to a patient having dental implants.

What does the procedure involve?

If you need a bone graft, your dentist will explain the different types of bone graft to you and explain what happens during the procedure. The procedure is usually quick and simple. If you are having a bone graft before having a dental implant fitted, the gum will be cut and lifted and the grafted bone will be placed on the jawbone and covered with a protective membrane to prevent infection. Once the grafted bone is in place, the gum flap will be stitched and the bone will be left to heal. The healing process usually takes around four months.

Why would I need a bone graft?

In dentistry the most common reason for having a bone graft is to bolster the jawbone tissue before having a dental implant. In order to support a dental implant, the bone must be dense. If for some reason you do not have enough bone tissue to support an implant, bone tissue will be grafted from a different part of the body, usually the chin, hip, tibia or lower jaw.


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