What Are The Possible Causes Of Toothache?


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Toothache is very common and it affects most people at some point in their lives. There are many possible causes of toothache and pain ranges from mild to severe; here is a brief guide to toothache and some advice to help you deal with dental pain.

What causes toothache?

There are various causes of toothache, including:

  • dental injury
  • decay and cavities
  • dental abscess
  • gum disease
  • acid erosion (this contributes to increased sensitivity)

When should I see my dentist?

You should always see your dentist if you have dental pain, as it is often a sign of a dental problem, such as decay, gum disease or an injury, such as a cracked tooth. Keeping up to date with routine appointments are very important, but if you have dental pain between appointments, don’t wait for your next scheduled check-up, as the situation is likely to get worse and it’s best to act as early as possible. Treatment options for toothache vary according to the cause and may include filling a cavity, placing an inlay, onlay or crown to repair a damaged or severely decayed tooth and carrying out oral hygiene treatments to deal with gum disease.

If you suddenly develop severe pain, your toothache is getting worse or you have very serious pain, which is impacting your day to day life, call and make an urgent dental appointment. The sooner your dentist can see you, the quicker they can find an appropriate treatment.

Preventing toothache

The best ways to prevent toothache are:

  • seeing your dentist every 6 months
  • maintaining a good daily oral hygiene regime at home, which includes brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing
  • sticking to the recommended daily sugar intake
  • keeping an eye on your oral health and seeing your dentist if you notice changes or develop symptoms
  • taking measures to prevent accidents and injuries, such as wearing a protective mouth guard and avoiding using your teeth for anything other than eating; many injuries are caused by biting other objects and trying to open bottle tops, for example
What Are The Possible Causes Of Toothache?

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