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What are the Best Oral Hygiene Techniques for Patients in the City of London to Follow?


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Your teeth are bombarded every day by food, drinks and daily wear and are susceptible to numerous problems if left uncared for.

Dental enamel can become damaged by acid, sugar and plaque and unlike the rest of the body it cannot heal and grow back. This makes a daily oral hygiene routine all the more important.

What is a good level of oral hygiene?

An oral hygiene routine should include:

1)   Daily brushing, which is carried out twice a day for at least two minutes each time. This removes the thin layer of bacteria and plaque that builds up over the course of the day and prevents it from eating away at the dental enamel. When choosing your ideal toothbrush you will need to assess your teeth and gums. If you have soft tooth enamel a manual soft-headed toothbrush may be best for you, whereas those who have trouble using a manual tooth brush, due to conditions such as arthritis, many find it easier to use an elective toothbrush.

Brush in circular motions rather than side to side and make sure to brush to the very back teeth, where a large amount of plaque can collect.

2)   Dental floss should be used at least three times a week, to remove the trapped plaque and debris that remains hidden between your teeth after brushing. Many people often overlook flossing, but it is one of the most important aspects of an oral hygiene routine. When you first begin to brush your teeth you may find that your gums bleed a little, but this will soon stop once you have made flossing a routine habit.

3)   Mouthwash is the finishing touch to any oral hygiene routine, helping to clean every part of the mouth including the tongue and the cheeks. There are numerous types of mouthwash, but as long as you find on that contains fluoride you can expect a good level of protection for your teeth.



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