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One of the main reasons people feel anxious about going to the dentist is a fear of pain, which is often associated with needles, injections and the dreaded dental drill. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we strive to invest in modern equipment and create relaxing spaces to ensure our patients feel as comfortable as possible. We understand that many patients feel nervous and anxious and we have experience in helping patients to overcome phobias and fears and build confidence.

We are proud to offer drill-free dentistry using the latest techniques, including the Aquacut Quattro.

What is Aquacut Quattro?

Aquacut Quattro is an innovative form of technology, which allows us to eliminate drilling and deliver minimally invasive treatment; this helps to prevent patients from feeling anxious. Aquacut Quattro uses a very fine stream of liquid, which is combined with a small amount of powder to blitz decayed tissue and clear cavities; usually, this decayed tissue is removed using a drill. We can also Aquacut to remove existing fillings, which need replacing.

Often, even the sound of a drill can make people feel nervous and with drill-free dentistry, patients can enjoy a much less daunting experience. We can also carry out conservative treatment with minimal threat to surrounding healthy tooth structure.

We also offer treatment under sedation for nervous patients; sedation is a technique, which is also used in medicine and it helps patients to feel calm during a procedure. Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic and you won’t lose consciousness; you will simply feel drowsy and you won’t feel any pain.

To find out more about drill-free dentistry and sedation at Harley Street Dental Studio, call our friendly receptionists today.




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