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If you though invisible braces were an impossible dream, think again! With lingual braces, you can enjoy secret treatment, so you don’t have to worry about how you look when you smile or what other people will think about your braces.

About lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces, which afford you the luxury of enjoying treatment in secret. These braces are different to the braces you normally come across because they are fixed to the back of your teeth; this means that they are completely undetectable when you smile.

We offer two of the world’s leading lingual brace treatments: Incognito and STb Social 6 braces.

Incognito: Incognito is a bespoke lingual brace treatment, which uses hand-crafted braces made from gold, to straighten the teeth effectively and discreetly. Each bracket is individually made and fitted and these braces are capable of achieving a lot of movement, making them a viable option for patients with complex needs. The treatment time is dictated by the complexity of the case and may vary from just a few months to over 12 months; your dentist will give you an idea of projected treatment time once they have examined your mouth and analysed your bite. Incognito braces can be worn on the top and bottom teeth.

STb Social 6: STb Social 6 is an excellent option for patients who only need minor correction for problems that predominantly affect the front teeth, known as the social 6. By focusing on these teeth only, treatment times are incredibly short and of course, you also get the benefit of invisible treatment. Typically, most cases are complete within 4 months and you will start to notice a difference in the look of your smile after just a few weeks.

If you like the sound of lingual braces, call us today or fill in an online enquiry form and we will arrange a consultation for you to find out more, ask questions and meet our excellent dental team.


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