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We Can Treat A ‘Gummy Smile’ In The City Of London


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If your gums cover a large portion of the tooth crown or your gums sit too high or low, this can affect the look of your smile and contribute to a gummy smile. While a gummy smile is often nothing to worry about in terms of oral health, it can have a negative impact on confidence. If you have a gummy smile and you’re searching for a simple and safe aesthetic solution, we offer gum re-sculpting.

What is gum re-sculpting?

Gum re-sculpting is a procedure, which is designed to contour and shape the gums to create a more attractive smile. The aim is to balance the smile and remove tiny pieces of the gum tissue to unveil more of the crown and make the teeth look slightly larger and longer.

We often perform gum contouring in combination with other treatments, such as crowns and veneers and the end results are truly incredible.

We use the latest techniques to re-shape the gums painlessly and facilitate quick recovery; treatment is usually complete in a single session.

Is gum re-sculpting for me?

Gum re-sculpting is designed for patients who have a gummy smile, which may make the teeth look small and short. The aim is to enhance the overall aesthetic of the smile and to make patients feel more confident when they smile or show their teeth. If you feel that your teeth look small because the gums sit lower than normal, we can help. If there is a gap between the teeth and gums, this may be a sign of gum disease and we will carry out the relevant tests and examinations to check your oral health before discussing treatment options.

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