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Virtual Grin – Take a Look at Our Smile Simulator


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They say a picture paints a thousand words, so how would you feel if we told you that we could show you an image of what your smile could look like after cosmetic treatment? We can go on and on about the virtues and wonders of cosmetic treatments, but nothing will give you a better idea of what to expect than a digital image of your new smile.

With our smile simulator, we can show you how cosmetic treatment could benefit you and change the look of your smile before we even start treatment.

How does digital smile design work?

Our dentists are great at explaining how treatments work, but nothing is better than digital smile design when it comes to showing just what cosmetic dentistry can achieve. Digital smile design enables us to redesign your smile and show you how treatment will affect the way you look once it is complete.

We use six stages to complete the digital smile design process.

  1. We take photographs of your smile using an advanced camera; by doing this, we can show you incredible before and after shots.
  2. We make a short film of you talking and moving your mouth to show your smile from different angles, and enable you to see how it looks when you’re speaking.
  3. We work with you to design your new smile. We invite you to share your ideas, and we’ll go through some treatment options with you.
  4. We start the digital drawing process, and come up with the first drafts and smile previews. At this stage, we welcome any final comments, so that we can make any necessary changes before we begin the treatment process.
  5. Your treatment begins!
  6. Your new smile is ready to show off to the world and you can see those all-important before and after photographs and video clips.
Virtual Grin – Take a Look at Our Smile Simulator

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