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Those who lack physical dexterity often claim to suffer from having two left feet, a conundrum that takes the rap for all manner of mobile activities including dancing and athletics. Don’t be too hasty to blame your feet, however. Breakthrough medical research in the field of neuromuscularity suggests that a misaligned jawbone could be contributing to your lack of grace.

Because the jawbone is responsible for both posture and athletic performance, a slight misalignment in this area could prevent you from being the next Wayne Rooney! If the muscles in the head and face are properly aligned, muscle recruitment is improved throughout the entire body leading to increased balance, strength and power. But, if muscular recruitment is slightly off, it could lead to poor posture, cause athletic injuries and give you two left feet.

A Pure Power Mouthguard could be the answer to your lack of athletic dexterity. This mouthguard is positioned in the mouth and works to realign the lower jaw and the muscles in the face, leading to optimal on-pitch performance and impeccable posture.

The Pure Power Mouthguard does not perform magic tricks; it simply corrects a problem a reported 90 percent of the population face. By correcting this common blunder, you could be zipping down the field at your athletic best.

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