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Top Five Tips to Protect Your Smile During Exercise


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Many sports carry a risk of dental injury. Whether you’re an amateur playing for fun or you’re competing, it’s always a good idea to protect your smile. Here are 5 tips to help you prevent injuries while playing sport:

  1. Wear a mouth guard: wearing a mouth guard will help to protect your teeth from impact injuries if you get hit in the face by a ball travelling at speed or you hit the ground after a heavy tackle, for example.
  2. Invest in a dentist-made guard: you can buy mouth guards from sports shops and mould them yourself, but we strongly recommend investing in a dentist-made gum shield. We create bespoke mouth guards, which will fit your mouth perfectly. Our guards are also designed to stand the test of time. If you shape a guard yourself, you may find that it doesn’t fit properly, and this can cause irritation, as well as limiting its efficacy.
  3. Wear a helmet: if you’re cycling, boxing or playing cricket or American football, it’s wise to wear a helmet. This can help to protect you from head, facial and dental injuries.
  4. Play by the rules: the rules are there for a reason, so try and play by them. If you don’t, there’s a much higher risk of injury.
  5. Attend regular dental appointments: if your teeth are strong and healthy, there’s a lower risk of injury. If they’re weak or worn, playing sport can do serious damage. Keep up to date with dental checks, and see your dentist if you have any pain or your teeth feel sensitive.

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