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Tooth whitening is increasing in popularity as more people in the UK swap their ‘English’ teeth for a Hollywood smile.

Hollywood is famous for its movie stars, its designer shops – and its whiter than white smiles. A-listers know that a close-up can be unforgiving, and that stained, yellow teeth can make them look older and less attractive on the big screen. As a result, tooth whitening has long been an essential item on every celebrity’s beauty treatment list – and now the UK is catching on. As celebrity culture grows ever more popular, more of us want to emulate the appearance of our favourite stars, including their pearly whites. Whilst there’s an increase of home tooth whitening kits on the high street, the only way to get truly beautiful white teeth is visiting a professional cosmetic dentist who can give you a smile fit for Hollywood.

Tooth Whitening – Transform your ‘English’ Teeth

Americans love to laugh at the English for our supposedly bad teeth. Just think of the way Mike Myers gave his Austin Powers character crooked, yellow gnashers, and you get the idea. Whether or not this stereotype is true, one thing is for certain – the UK is following in the footsteps of America when it comes to tooth whitening treatments. If you’re not yet convinced, then consider these arguments in favour of tooth whitening:

  • A bright, white smile can help boost your confidence
  • A beautiful smile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex
  • You will look more glamorous and fashionable with a gleaming white smile
  • You can combat staining from smoking and coffee with tooth whitening
  • You can have your teeth whitened to enhance your appearance before your wedding or a special occasion
  • You will give a more professional appearance for business networking after a tooth whitening treatment (especially if you’re doing business with Americans!)
  • If you work in the entertainment business, your whitened teeth could help you get more work
  • Tooth whitening is a must if you’re trying out a career as a model or film extra

Tooth Whitening – Trust the Professionals

Now you’re convinced that tooth whitening is a fabulous treatment that can improve your appearance and boost your confidence, you need to find the best method for you. Professional dentists warn against home tooth whitening kits, as they can actually damage teeth and may not whiten effectively. Visit a well-qualified cosmetic dentist for an initial consultation to decide upon the best tooth whitening treatment for you – some brands can offer different whitening effects. You may make the choice based upon the tooth whitening treatment used by your favourite stars. Some of the top brands include ZOOM!@ Whitening and Enlighten™, both of which offer fabulous results in just one or two sessions at the dental clinic. In just a week’s time you too could be ready for your close up.

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